2024 Vedic Almanac

About the Almanac

The Vedic Almanac is an essential guidebook, empowering any reader to easily and confidently utilize astrological influence to improve their daily life. Each of us holds intrinsic gifts deep within. With the Vedic Almanac, celestial oracle, and daily planners, the reader will learn to navigate the natural influences and unlock these gifts to make transformative discoveries and empowered life decisions. Concise formatting provides the reader with an easy to use, dynamic tool which assists to reveal auspicious seasons and days of the year. Compiled by Astrology expert Pandit Jagannath, this unique Almanac includes detailed instructions on the Vedic Panchangam and Astrological System, providing the confident ability to select optimal dates for special occasions or life events. For millennia, Vedic Astrology has been regarded as a science and an art revealed to the aspirant though the practice of technical expertise and intuition. This beautifully illustrated book offers simple exercises to help nurture an understanding of astrological terms and concepts, leading to the development of channeling your own innate knowing. The Almanac is a comprehensive guide which seeks to aid the curious in attuning to universal truths for accurate and meaningful readings. Through study and practice, the beginner or experienced will gain confidence in conducting readings to benefit their lives and will be able to independently share the gift of the cosmos with others. Vedic Almanac features: Sadhana Practices: Exercises which bring wholeness, balance, and fortitude to your intuition and interpretation skills. Panchang Profiles: Dig deep into the different limbs of the Almanac with an understanding of astrological and elemental meanings. The depth provided in these profiles gives deeper insight into guidance for relationships, careers, spiritual life, and more. Beginner's Tools: Step-by-step advice to prepare any aspirant for finding your own unique auspicious times . Ancient Formulas: A collection of Astrological information from ancient and occult texts which provide time-tested formulas for identifying auspicious dates in over 80 topics. The Vedic Almanac is a companion who seeks to reveal the voice from within. Utilizing its knowledge, taking to the practice, and honoring your higher self, you will unlock the gift of divine guidance and learn to confidently navigate relationships, make life decisions, overcome difficult obstacles, and cultivate your unique gifts.