Course: Astrological Magic

  • 36 hour long lessons

  • In person zoom classes

  • Email access and questions asked

Over the years I have learned some amazing things and built a profitable business allowing me a lifestyle which I can spend quality time with my friends and family. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with companies and individuals that I admire. I have been able to live the life I wanted and have amazing experiences. I am proud of my content, and I have discovered my true calling.

I designed this 12 week course because I want you to succeed as an astrologer too. I will guide you with my academic knowledge, but more importantly, I'll share my real-life experiences with you. You'll gain lots of tools for you to make astrology not only an interesting hobby that improves your lifestyle and income but also empower yourself to be a source of strength and guidance for your community.


  • Vedic Philosophy

  • Saddhana makes Siddhi

  • Astrology and Karma

  • Overview of Astrology

  • Relationship between Astrology and Mythology

  • Getting to Know the Planets

  • Planetary Personalities

  • The 9 Planets

  • The outer planets

  • Rahu Ketu and your life journey

  • The Signs

  • The Houses

  • Effects of Planets through signs and houses

  • Nakshatras

  • Planetary Yogas

  • Asthakavarga

  • Divisional Charts

  • How to read Planetary periods

  • How to predict with transits

  • Basics of Panchangam

  • Remedial measures

  • How to bring it all together and give a reading

  • Metaphysical practices to improve your understanding and intuition

Ian is an excellent astrologer and very nice person. I've had several readings with him as well as taken his astrology classes. He has a lot of experience in astrology and in reading the epic stories from ancient India that go hand in hand with the practice of astrology. His prices are affordable too! Most professional astrologers are only accessible by the very wealthiest section of society but that goes against the spirit and culture of astrology. It's refreshing that Ian has shown integrity and not taken this path.

- Blake Friis

I have studied Vedic astrology with Ian and am impressed with his ability to use this topmost astrological system and Vedic art for the purpose of empowering the individuals who seek his guidance. I'm equally impressed with his consideration of the implications of the power of Vedic astrology and his concern and consideration so as to not create suffering for any living entity in doing his work. Inspirational !

- Edward Silver

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