Daily Astrology Forecast

First steps in a new direction

9/10/20221 min read

Today is a very strong day

The tithi is called Pratipada which literally means first step as it is the first phase of the moon after the full or new moon. The Nakshatra is Purvabadrapada which is a group of stars in the constellation of Pegasus and which is partly in the sign of Aquarius and partly in Pisces.

Purvabadrapada has a very powerful transformative energy which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is strongly connected to the shedding of both good and bad Karma and moving towards liberation. As a result it is also associated with death and the dark side or shadow self as well as strong detachment.

The average person absorbed as they are in Karmic activities will usually become disturbed on this day and filled with fear or dread. It is really not a good day for the acclimation of things as opposed to a good day to become detached. If anything its a good day to go into nature or maybe do some kind of simple gardening or take some time to read a book. If you have any kind of large desires or big plans you will want to save them for another day.

This day also marks the official start of mercury retrograde which will last until the start of October.