Daily Astrology Forecast

Breaking down to build up

9/13/20220 min read

Today is Chaturthi or the 4th lunar day and the Nakshatra is Ashvini

This is one of those rare ocations in which we can see clearly the process of nature in destruction and creation. Chaturthi is ruled by Yama and is about breaking things down and destroying them and getting rid of things which no longer serve us and Ashvini is ruled by Ganesh and about new beginnings. Ashvini Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Ketu and this process of destruction leading to creation is what anybody who has gone through a ketu mahadasha and leading to Venus Mahadasha has experienced. In order to enter that beautiful garden of life which is the Venus Mahadasha what longer serves us must be destroyed and left behind.

We have had lifetime after lifetime of mistakes and wrong perceptions basically its like living in a house with crooked sagging walls and a roof and water damage and busted pipes In order to fix those problems you have to break things and remove the rotten parts and then you can fix it. White washing things will not work. What people think spiritual things are can sometimes just be confused with White washing. Spiritual things are not fun they require a lot of sometimes extremely painful situations for us to grow beyond the junk. This is the power of Chaturthi and essentially Ganesha who rules Ashvini and was born on Chaturthi.

Both Yama and Ganesha remove Obstacles its just that people in general fear one and love the other but both the scriptures and wise sages tell us that essentially both are our most dear and true friends.