Daily Astrology Forecast

Creating stability

9/11/20220 min read

Today is Dwitiya and the Nakshatra is Utarabhadrapada. Dwitiya is a very auspicious Tithi which is generally good for engaging and starting anything of a lasting nature. The Nakshatra is Uttarabadhrapda is ruled by Saturn and the deity is Anantasesha. It of a similar nature and favorable for deep things like Kundalini meditation physic development artistic projects as well as other kinds of fertile and creative things like planting gardening and things to do with children like samskaras and calling souls into the world.

It is not a time to confront enemies, got to court or engage in too much excessive physical activity. Think of a giant peaceful serpent sunning itself they really only get angry when they get disturbed

Both the tithi and nakshatra have a lot to do with learning to be calm and holding energy on the inside. taking the slow road or the road less traveled in life and letting other people do what they will but being self content