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powerful healing

9/14/20221 min read

Today is Panchami and the Nakshatra is Bharani

Panchami is the 5th lunar phase and is ruled by the moon god it is a time for healing and all things associated with that like begining to take medicine or starting a new diet etc. The Nakshatra is Bharani which is ruled by Venus and the deitys associated with it are Yamaraj and Kali Ma. Its a powerful energy for change and growth. Bharani means she who bares as in holding children and its energy has everything to do with birth death and childrearing.

This combination can present us with a few options and we must also understand especially on days like this that there is a close link to a time in the Vedic calendar called PitruPaksha going on right now. Which means the time to remember the ancestors. It has a connection to the ancient meaning behind Halloween. One of the debts of Humanity is to the ancestors and that debt is to continue on the family in some form or another. Bharani reminds us the sacrifices of our ancestors and parents who endured and fought through such hardships of the past ages and century's to continue on our family line and ultimately bring us into this world.

Understanding this with the right kind of perspective will help us to understand the value and meaning and ultimate gift which is our current life.