Daily astrology forecast

Knowing where you come from

9/22/20221 min read

Today is Trayodasi and the Nakshatra is Magha

Traoyodasi The 13th Tithi is ruled by Cupid and Magha which represents the head of the lion in the constalation of leo is ruled by the ancestor spirits; .

According to astrological texts today is auspicious and good for worship of shiva and bestows victory. It is an Auspicious day to start important businesses, wearing new clothes and jewels, struggle, fulfillment of promises, starting a war, observing vows and sensual pleasures. Ceremony of all kinds, especially those requiring pomp and grander; Marriage; Stage and public performance; Coronations; Parades; Award ceremonies; Researching ones lineage; Anything involving the past; Study of history; Upgrading to better job; Donating elaborate gifts; Religious activities; Shradha ceremony; Warlike activity; Seek favors or wealth from powerful persons.