Daily Astrology Forecast

Full Moon 8-p

9/9/20221 min read

So I need to start out by clearing something up. today is पूर्णचंद्र or the full moon tithi according the Vedic calendar in my opinion the Tithis or phases of the moon and the whole Panchang calendar are based on very advanced mathematical calculations of the movement of the moon and sun so I follow that.

So todays Nakshatra is Shatabhishak when you mix this with the full moon the energy is about healing and diving deep into the problems but taking a fresh new look at them to find solutions. It's also about putting down burdens you should no longer be carrying. Shatabhishak means the 1,000 physicians and it is really a time of healing both mind body and spirit. It is also associated with knowledge so if there is anything you want to study then this is the time.