Daily Astrology Forecast

moving forward

9/17/20221 min read

Today is Asthami and the Nakshatra is Mrigashirsha

The Vasus rule this 8th Tithi. and Mrigashirsha is ruled by the moon good and is controlled by the planet mars

According to astrology this combination of Asthami and Mrigashirsha the activities which are auspicious on this day are; it is good for taking up arms, building of one’s defenses, and fortification, architecture, debate, dance . Auspicious day to start important businesses, sport, studying arts, activities related to houses and estates, studying and construction. Lighthearted activities; Travel; Exploring nature; Sightseeing; Sexual activity; All types of artistic work; Healing and rejuvenation; Commencing education; Social events; Changing residence; Communication; Setting up altars, religious items and initiations; Advertising and sales.