Daily Astrology Forecast

Focus on the divine

9/20/20221 min read

Today is Ekadasi tithi and the Nakshatra is Pushya

If you plan to fast for ekadashi please check if it the correct day for your area

Shiva rules this 11th Tithi which bestows happiness and auspiciousness . Brihaspati the priest of the gods rules Pushya which is considered one of the most auspicious stars.

According to the astrological texts today is auspicious for Fasting, worship, fulfilling promises, wedding, arguments, physical exercises, construction, pilgrimage, spiritual holidays, festivities, observing vows, decorating, arrival and departure. Celebrations; Artistic and creative projects; Traveling; Dealing with harsh enemies (enemies cannot cause harm under the influence of pushya); seeking legal aid; Financial planning; cooking; Gardening; Buying pets; All activities related to childen and babies; All healing soothing and nourishing activities; Religious rites; Laying foundation; Seeking help