Daily Astrology Forecast

New perspectives

9/23/20221 min read

Due to the movement of the Moon on the east coast the Nakshatra and Tithi for today will be similar to yesterdays until 6 PM at which point it will switch over to Chaturdasi and the Nakshatra will become Punarvasu which as the majority of the energy will happen tomorrow I will discuss it tomorrow

Today is called Shukra Pradosham or Friday Pradosham which is a fast day which litteraly means Removes poisons . The symbology is connected to Lord Shiva Drinking the poison from the ocean of milk. Since it falls on a Friday it removes any kind of ailments which are connected to Venus., Problems with getting marriage , Relationship issues ,Fertility or Virility issues. Financial Issues. Having a debilitated Venus or any kind of problem with your Venus placement in your chart. As a side note tomorrow we will see Venus move into the sign of Vrigo so its a very good time to prepare for that by fasting. It is a good day to bath shiva lingam give donation of milk products or grains to a temple and to chant the Panchakshari mantra 108 times (Om Namah shivaya)