Daily Astrology Forecast

September 6 2022

9/6/20221 min read

Today the Tithi is Ekadashi and the Nakshatra is Purvaphalguni. Ekadashi is considered to be a very potent phase of the moon which is ruled by Lord Shiva which means Auspicious. A lot of people fast on Ekadashi but there is a lot of factors involved so you should check if today is the day for your area. Purvaphalguni is the height of Venus energy and is represented by Appah the sea goddess.

Yesterday had a kind of intensity and today should feel much better and will have a lot more opportunities. Due to the influence of Purvaphalguni today is a good day to promote yourself or anything which you want to be made known. Its a good day to put something in a good light. Its also a good day to go to a body of water or the countryside.

Today is also a very strong day to engage in spiritual practices and to cultivate deep spiritual connectedness.