Daily Astrology Forecast

Eternal Victory

9/12/20221 min read

Today is Tritiya tithi (lunar phase) and the Nakshatra is Revati.

Tritiya is ruled over by Durga and is called a Jaya or Victory Tithi it means that what you endeavor to accomplish will be successful. Its a good time to strive and compete for things. The Nakshatra is Revati. Revati is the final Nakshatra and is very positive as well and brings auspicious things. It represents essentially Moxa or Liberation and is in a very cheerful care free mood. After the extreme intensity of purvabadhrapada and the extreme depth of Uttarabadrapada we finally break the veil and come to the other side of existence and come to see what is the most important and how all those deep ego attachments and struggles were all ultimately a kind of cosmic joke and we are in the realm of pure and eternal freedom.