Daily Astrology Forecast

abundance of goodness

10/4/20220 min read

Today is Dashami and the Nakshatra is Uttarashada

This 10th Tithi is ruled by Dharma and good for completing any work. The Nakshatra is ruled by the Vishvadevas or the powers of the Godhead

According to astrology Its good for acts of virtue, religious functions, spiritual practices, and other pious activities, entering a home, to start important businesses, wedding, wearing jewels, journeys, activities, related to transportation, vehicles, houses and meeting important people. Planning new beginnings; Laying out plans for anything; Initial plans for any activity; Beginning things; Laying foundations; All spiritual and religious rituals; Buisness affairs; Artistic ventures; Marriage; Sexual activity; Entering a new residence; dealing with authority; Public or legal matters; one of the best Nakshatras for starting any activity