Weekly Astrology forecast


9/4/20221 min read

Weekly Astrology for 9/5-9/11Sukla Dashami to Krishna Dwitiya

This week we will see the full moon in the sign of Shatabhisak on the 9th of September. As well as the beginning of Mercury Retrograde on the 10th of September. The full moon is always a good time to come together in groups under the increased light. Shatabhishak means the 1,000 physicians and it is a highly spiritual and healing Nakshatra. It is a powerful time for internal spiritual and physical healing. A time to be Phoenix like and if you have any kind of diet, health regiment or life change you want to make then this is the time to do so.

Shatabhishak also represents knowledge so if there is any health or spiritual related knowledge you want to acquire then this is the time to do so. If you want to learn about Astrology we will be Launching our 12 week Magic Astrology course October 5

This mercury retrograde will last until October 2. Mercury retrograde will be in Virgo the strongest position of mercury. This should feel different than most mercury retrogrades. The main things to be aware are more related to making sure that communication is clear and that the people you are talking too understand what you are saying. Also the tendency to say I will do something instead of I want to do something will be easy to slip into. In other words make sure if you say you will do something its something you will do as opposed to something you wish to do. Also other little confusing communication errors may be seen.