Daily astrology Forecast

September 7 2022

9/7/20221 min read

Today will be Dwadashi tithi and the Nakshatra will be Uttarashada

This is a very ausicious combination. Uttarashada is ruled by the Vishvadevas or the Universal powers its similar to the term Vishvarupa or Universal form. Its the all powerful universal force of the Godhead which is why Uttarashada means literally the great victory. Dwadashi is a very auspicious tithi which is good for new beginnings and Auspicious workings.

Both these put together make a powerful combination for getting things done or for starting new projects or for making sure that a ceremony is auspicious. Today would be a good day to perform rituals or fire yajnas or start anything. Jump on this energy if you get a chance it doesn't happen every day!